Top 5 Marketing Podcasts ~ Kadambari Srivastava

Human mind is never at rest. Blessed with a cursed etiquette of intellect, it is always up to something, thinking of new ways to change the world (or maybe destruct it to construct something new). The bottom line being, change is the need of the hour, now and forever, and we are an important part of it. Marketing too is not untouched by it. The world is turning at an eclectic pace, and has the world of word has transitioned from print to digital, with multiple channels morphing its means to achieve their end, more novel ways of marketing are required. Marketers too are introducing newer methods of turning the content around and spreading the word.

In that aspect, there are certain marketers who have carved a niche for themselves in the market, with their consistent efforts to tap the new. Why not listen to their words ourselves? Here are a few podcasts that you must listen to if you want to make a mark in the world of marketing. Why Podcasts? Because these are an excellent way to gain an insight into a world which derives its strength from change.

Marketing Over Coffee

Coffee, Content, and Curation — the three C’s around which a marketers life revolves. So how can something which combines these could ever be boring? Marketing Over Coffee may have curated just 100 episodes over the course of a decade, but their catalogue of content can surely give the biggies a run for their money. The podcasts here have insights from biggies such as Seth Godlin, Simon Sinek, Mike Volpe and more.

Copyblogger FM

A weekly affair, this one is a short-form broadcast held by Sonia Simone, also known as the Content Marketing Rockstar in the arena. She comes to the foray each week with one expert and lets the viewers dive into the exceptional and fascinating world of content and various types in which you can market the same.

Call to Action

The most important part of any marketing strategy, and there is a whole podcast named after it. Cutting straight to the point, just like its name, this one too is a weekly affair wherein most of the marketing essentials are covered as experts dole out tips after tips on not only content creation but also its optimisation and subsequent marketing.

Indie Hackers

If you want a podcast on a platform that boasts just of peers, sans any hierarchy, this is the place to be. Indie Hackers is run hand in hand by both entrepreneurs and founders. And interviewing various founders and developers on how they built and grew their projects, is Courtland Allen, an MIT grad and freelance developer who knows the whole ball game by heart.

Hack to Start

This one is an interesting podcast in the way it presents itself. Hack to Start is not only unique and unabashed with its name, but also in the way it focuses on innovative people and their concepts which led them on the path of success, eventually. Plus point? They invite hackers as well. Hack to Start is a brilliant podcast platform in a way it brings together the facets of passion and profession and initiates conversations that are fruitful.

Lend an ear to these podcasts and up your marketing game by several notches.