Vegetarian Cafes to Try in Paris

If there is one thing, I can say with certainty about Paris; it is that it can be a hard place for a Gluten-Free, Lactose Intolerant Vegetarian. Here are 5 cafes to try if you happen to be a vegetarian in Paris.

Riz Riz

Rice-Rice, as you would say in English, is a great little restaurant tucked away in a side street in Paris. Great if you are in the mood for a poke bowl. The staff are super and the service is really quick.

Soul Kitchen

A little canteen in Monmarte. If you are a Dali fan, visit the Dali’s museum and give this great little place a go for some exceptional grub. I hear it is run by three ladies who are friends.

Abattoir Végétal

Great for a mix of raw and cooked vegetarian food. The food was great but the only con was the tables were squished a bit to close to one another. I didn’t really enjoy prying on the date on the table next door. The food however made up for this disadvantage.

Imagine Cafe

A small little joint in Monmarte, the owner is super nice. They also make their own coconut and nut milk, great if you need that non-dairy coffee. It is also great if you have kids, as they have a play area.

Helmut Newcake 100% Sans Gluten

Every Coeliac’s dream come true. Whether you are after a Pain au Chocolat or Summer Fruit Tart. This place is great, especially if you are getting a bit hangry after the lack of food options available in town.

And final tip, if you are in need of a soy cappuccino; head to one of Pierre Herme’s Cafes for the best coffee in town.

Pro-Tip:If you don’t speak french, it is usually best to lead with “Bonjour, Parlez vous Anglais?” Translation: Hi, Do you speak English? A Parisian is likely to help you with your query, even if they only know a little english. Or else, often prepare to be ignored.