What changed in the last year? By Arfeen Khan

Arfeen Khan- The Ultimate Peak Performance Strategist; Life & Business Coach and a serial entrepreneur. Arfeen has helped thousand’s of people all over the world  in creating personal and professional metamorphosis. is the author to the best-selling book ‘Where Will You Be in Five Years’. He is also a leading Speaker & Consultant and has organised some of the most empowering seminars for individuals and professionals, that have brought new light in their perception.

We have nearly come to the end of this year. Covid 19 has changed the world! In just one year. Millions of lives lost, billions of lives changed forever! And here we are, about to come to the end of 2020, and enter into a new year in a couple of months. What mindset are you entering the new year with? What are your mental codes? What kind of a person have you become in the last one year? Are you the same or have you changed?

The question that most people have is “what happens next?”, well no one really knows the answer, but what we do know is how far we’ve come in the last one year.

When we began 2020, as usual, most of the people set goals, new year’s resolutions, things they would do in this year and many other things. But nearly everyone took for granted that the year 2020 would be like any other year. This is the biggest shift in the mindset of a lot of people. What do you believe now that we’re approaching another new year? Are you afraid or are you stronger to face any challenge head on? Think about it.

You’re not going to take the time you’ve got for granted. Staying home, together with family, loved ones, spending time together for months, inculcating new habits, healthier habits, transforming relationships, and most importantly, being mentally strong, this is what we’ve got from 2020! It wasn’t a curse, it was a teacher. Not the teacher that we wanted, but the teacher who has changed everyone’s lives forever. Your life is never going to be the same again, but you have to decide which direction you’re headed. Where is your focus? When you grow older, and you’re telling story of this year to your grandchildren, are you telling them the story of how the world was coming to a massive end, or are you telling them the reality of how a massive wave in the world taught the humans a lesson that made them stronger than ever!

Many people lost their jobs, most are working from their homes, and now a lot of companies are allowing their employees to continue working from home, including Microsoft, because it’s boosting their productivity. Many businesses have shut down, which has forced a lot of people to create something else that’s digital! The whole world has gone digital now. People have started paying more attention to being hygienic.

All these changes have happened gradually, new habits have taken place, the way of living has change, and we have started to adapt to these new ways. Especially the shift that has occurred in people’s mindset is huge! And, importance of mental health is going to increase even more in near future. That’s where our focus should be.

I always say, just positive thinking and motivation is rubbish. It does not change anything. It’s temporary and it fades off the next day and you go back to your same old life. The real change happens when you take the right action.

Turn off the news. It scares people, more than it helps. Surround yourself with people who have an incredible outlook toward life. Have meaningful conversations with them. Spend time you’ve got with your loved ones.

A lot of people don’t realise but their life is driven by that little voice in their head. Start to recognise it. When you’re about to do something radical, what is your internal dialogue like? If it’s negative and stopping you from taking action, then change it to something that makes you feel empowered! One of my favourite question that I always ask myself is, “How can I make this situation even better?”. When you ask powerful questions, you only get powerful answers.

2020 has changed the world, and we’ve nearly come to an end of this year! Take charge of your life. Now. Not later!