What is Your Superpower? ~ Ravneet Sangha

My superpowers

I am an ordinary mother, grey-haired with a penchant for reading books and coffee with chocolate and cake by the side however my bloodwork says I need to stop all this or I am headed for an early grave. I also love reading, did I already mention that? My Life revolves pretty much in keeping track of my bachas that are scattered all over the globe. In between different time zones and Whatsapp and Instagram and video calls, I pretty much turn to one thing that keeps me together.

I wish I had the Weasley clock but as I am still waiting for my letter, it isn’t happening in this lifetime. This power, thanks to the prayer that keeps me strong, that keeps everything balanced, is called the chaupai sahib.

Why do I recite it? Is it our of force, is it out of habit, is it my mental conditioning? Am I a parrot? Am I scared? Is it herd mentality that I feel I should do this paath otherwise all will go wrong? None of the above, it’s just simple absolute faith, a shield just like Captain America that makes me stronger to face the vagaries o life! It’s my mantra for my everything in this crazy chaotic world that seems to be spinning crazily. An interesting anecdote to this supernatural path is that when the Britishers sent a scout to ascertain that how the Punjabis would be defeated, the scout went back and said all the British Army ( troops ) would be needed to conquer Punjab as they had inhuman bravery. This bravery is the unexplainable faith confidence in the written word of the GURU.

An amethyst will say that these are just mere words and scorns that parroting the phrase is just deluding oneself mentally. These couplets, stanzas for me, are based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. These words seek protection from Almighty, who is the higher force that keeps balance in Life. We name him differently. It is a shield from worries, afflictions, pains and enemies and is a-benediction to the Lord for support and to keep oneself safe.

It is said that one who reads the Chaupai is undefeatable, I do not want to take you on an ego trip and say that you are Thanos. The rise of the ego, as the stumbling block in which we fall in. Do not preach or be condescending thinking you are superior just because you are doing paath. It is your actions after the prayers that define your religion. Do try, if you wish to, mere words cant harm, and if not it’s all right, let’s meet for coffee.