Your guide to the ultimate solo date

The idea of a solo date is often met with the fear of judgment, self-doubt, and insecurity. But all this talk of self-love on social media platforms has definitely sparked some curiosity about the idea. What’s wrong with going out for a meal on your own or buying a single ticket at the movie theatre? Why not treat yourself with the same love and affection you would to your partner or friends? Going on a solo date can be liberating in more ways than one. Besides making you feel confident to take on the world, it’s your reminder that you deserve all the love and kindness you give other people and that you’re allowed to pamper yourself occasionally. We’d love for you to take this as your cue to plan a solo date and begin your journey of self-love with this guide. 

Become comfortable being on your own 
The idea of going on a solo date is a combination of nervous, nail-biting energy and a certain excitement and thrill. Before you go on that solo date, we’d recommend becoming comfortable with the idea of being on your own first—whether it’s eating a meal, going to a movie, or anything else. Acknowledge the idea of not having anyone but yourself around for company, and embrace it. Once you’ve become comfortable with the idea, going on that solo date won’t be as hard as it seems, we promise! 

If you’re uncomfortable with going out alone, staying in is an option. Who said you can’t pamper yourself with a three-course meal, scented candles, and a glass of wine in your comfort space? If you decide to stay home, you can cook your favourite meal, follow through with that 12-step skincare routine, take a long bath with bath bombs and rose petals, or get into your pyjamas, order-in some dessert and re-watch your favourite movie. You can even dress up, pour yourself a glass of wine, and be the QUEEN you’re supposed to be! 

Give back
One of the most meaningful ways of self-love is giving back to society. You can spend the day volunteering at an animal shelter, go for a clothes swap, or even teach children at a non-profit. And here’s the thing—there’s no downside to this! You’ll end up having a great day with a new experience, feeling nothing but grateful.  

Go for a loooong drive 


A loooong drive can do wonders for your mood and help you refocus and achieve clarity. A solo drive will allow you to be with your thoughts and become comfortable with them. So, curate a driving playlist, pack your favourite munchies and get an early morning start. Drive away from the city’s hustle and bustle to a scenic, mountainous route or by the ocean and just…be. 

Do the wine, dine and flowers thing 

Emily in Paris

You don’t need anybody to take you to a fancy-schmancy restaurant or give you a bouquet of your favourite blooms; you can do it yourself. Dress up in your best outfit, pick up a bouquet of roses, and indulge in your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant. It doesn’t get more wholesome than this. We hope this outing makes you feel confident as ever, where judgements and insecurities don’t bog you down, and you can love yourself the way you deserve! 

Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or retail therapy 
Marilyn Monroe once said, “Happiness is not in money, but in shopping.” Your solo date can be about retail therapy, a scoop of ice cream (or two), and getting your nails and hair done. Could there even be a better way to show yourself some looove?