Exclusive Interview with The Stars of Indian Matchmaking

The eight part docuseries highlights India’s top matchmaker Sima Taparia. She approaches attempting to discover suitable matches for her affluent clientele in India and the US.

In the arrangement, she’s seen traveling around Delhi, Mumbai and a few American cities, prospective brides and grooms to find out what they are looking for in a life partner.. Indian Matchmaking has raced to the highest rated spot for Netflix in India. In an exclusive interview with Akshay Jakhete, Pradhyuman Maloo and Vinay Chadha we talk to them about their experience on the show and life after Indian matchmaking

What made you say yes to Indian Matchmaking?

A- Well when i heard about the concept of such a thing being made it was very new and never been showcased before so i thought why not be a part of this. Also, it would be a good memory for me to be a part of such a thing!

P- I thought Indian Matchmaking series seemed like an ideal alternate platform for me to find a potential match. However it required me to move out of my comfort zone. I was very clear about what I expected in my partner and Indian Matchmaking Being cast on the show was definitely a great experience.

V- I applied on a whim. My friend saw an ad, I filled out a quick application and nine months later and a few skype calls in, here we are! Just like anyone on the show, I wanted to find my partner and while I’m still looking, I believe I’ll find her. I will also mention, being on a reality tv show has been a dream of mine, so that perk was a plus too. 🙂

What was the response of your family and friends post the release of the show?

A- They were completely ecstatic!! After the show aired I got so many calls and messages regarding the show, so many questions and everyone was super excited to see me in it!

P- Everyone around me was absolutely thrilled and ecstatic to see the show. My friends and parents were very supportive about my presence and they did express their feelings about me on air. A lot of my close friends and family living abroad got calls from their friends after the show was released. They wanted to help me find a potential match. They did recommend many matches for me. However, the mixed reviews that made rounds on social media didn’t please my close circle because the way I was perceived on the series is not who I am in reality.

V- My family and friends have been super supportive. It’s been hard to see how some of the bullies have come forth, but I’ve been focusing on own mental and physical health.

Are you still open to matchmaking?

A- Oh yes why not! I am still open if i meet the right person through this process and if it doesn’t work out it’s always interesting to meet new people!
P- Yes, in reality it’s a beautiful process that enables an individual to meet a potential life partner. I would be very happy to find my partner through matchmaking or otherwise. Just to clarify, I was presented with 150 biodatas but I only met 5 to 6 girls from the 150 biodatas that I was shown.

V- Absolutely. I am open to any and all fronts on finding my partner. This includes via friends, dating apps and even for another matchmaker.

What is your best experience and learning from the show?

A- The entire shooting experience was unreal! I got to meet so many people with different views and opinions. Everyone is just coming together to get the best for me and giving so much advice and experiences of their lives! I would listen to all of it and try to take the good parts of it and choose to do what I feel is correct for me!

P- Indian Matchmaking has made me radically push my boundaries to understand the partner I want and everything that she would want me to invariably be. It has helped me in achieving clarity about what the mind undergoes in the intense process of matchmaking and the unspoken factors associated with it. I have also learnt that after meeting new people, friends, colleagues and professional matchmakers my thought process and perspective about marriage and matchmaking has rapidly evolved.

V- Of course, I’m grateful I got to meet Nadia. We dated and I fell for her but unfortunately, we didn’t work out. I think any experiences you have, you can always look back and learn and grow. I will say another thing that I find to be the best part of the show, is the opportunity to be a part of a show that is creating a global conversation about South Asian culture and bringing forth issues our community has dealt with for centuries like casteism and colorism. These are issues I’m very passionate about and have had personal experience with, so I am thankful to be a part of the dialogue to hopefully help shift the mindset to being more open and removing stigmas.

What is life after “Indian Matchmaking?”

A- Life after IMM has completely changed! Im trying to balance between work and this! With so much attention; all the love and support, I feel like life just switched to hyperspeed though as of recent. There have been so many messages and request and people wanting to know what i am currently doing! All this is very overwhelming but im just trying to navigate!

P- I am taking each day as it comes. I am currently planning the launch of my new jewelry line for my brand Nornament. I have been exploring a few brand collaborations that interest me and just enjoying everything that comes my way with positivity and gratitude.

V- For the most part, I’m just enjoying life being me and still looking for my life partner and through this experience, it has given me a platform and a voice that I want to use to spread positivity and help bring awareness to the issues we face in our culture like colorism and start that conversation with a wider audience.