The Growth of Fashion Blogging by Madhulina Sur

the growth of fashion blogs

Blogging is a form of communicative journalism that saw the light of the day when a bunch of women, men and students from all walks of life embarked upon updating their personal views on the weblog and their subjects ranged from politics to fashion, sports to food, and everything in between. The word “weblog” as defined by blogger and journalist Andrew Sullivan, “is a conflation of two words: Web and log…. it is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on the World Wide Web.”

Fashion blogging has had its share of limelight towards the end of this decade with fashion’s oldest and most popular blogger, “Bryan Boy” becoming a household name in this business. Fashion blogging has opened up a whole gamut of experience for the reader and the writer (blogger) alike. This system has given rise to an informal style of journalism, where a personal opinion of a particular trend by the blogger directs a conversation in the blog. This idiom has enriched the total experience of the reader as the reader is free to choose, express and correct the writer’s story immediately, while also participating in the conversation.

Fashion blogging has seized a large part of the World Wide Web today and is seen as a widely growing industry. Popular bloggers like Garance Dore, Man Repeller, Face Hunter, Anna Dello Russo, Park & Cube, Street Peeper, Kingdom Of Style, and so on, not only have a humongous traffic-following on their sites but also receive huge business deals through their venture. The personalisation of blogs and direct communication with its readers are the two main keys that have helped garner a phenomenal response to fashion bloggers.

The origin of these blogs is usually from the streets featuring real people from various cities around the world. This is another reason for the reader to get hooked to them because they see themselves on the page; dressed up every day in interesting mash-ups and not necessarily in Bottega Veneta or Burberry. This encourages the reader to dress according to their own personal style and not ponder over their lack of it. This, in turn, is very progressive for the fashion world as the blogs are filled with refreshing, intriguing and thought-provoking inspirations from those very people who are its potential ambassadors. The reader now does not have to search every nook and corner to find out about the latest trends, instead, he/she has to just open a fashion blogger’s site and scan through the list of trends, and the number is overwhelming. This is a huge advantage for the reader.

Talking about inspiration, certain blogs like, ‘Kingdom of Style’ provides the reader with a spectrum of creative jaunts that can be transformed into beautiful works of art. It is beneficial to one and all, be it a student, a housewife, a teacher, or an artist. Reading about diverse fashion mind-sets and visiting omnifarious places and cultures through the eyes of the blogger can bring to light spurts of creativity in the individual and open the Pandora’s Box. There can be a thousand more reasons for a reader to browse through the numerous and ever-increasing fashion blogging sites, they just have to discover it all by themselves, slowly, yet steadily.

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